AETHERNEA is a free, award winning, fantasy web novel written by Cloe D. Frost and released in episodes every Thursday and Sunday.

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  Adventure     Mystery     Humor     Romance

  Systematic Magic     Strategy in Fights     Cerebral Puzzles

  Character Development     Power Up     Character Depth

Whatever it is that you are looking for, AETHERNEA is it.


Enter the incredible world of Aethernea where everyone can perform magic – a world populated with ancient artifacts, awesome creatures & countless mysteries. The world where quest seekers, enchanters, warlocks & treasure hunters are popular professions.


While immersed in Aethernea you will find out how it feels to be a mage. In Aethernea, magic is a wonderful mix of the art of spellcasting and magical science. You’ll get to understand exactly how magic works – rules, limitations, theory, practice.


Tired of love at first sight? World of Aethernea is a place where true love takes time, a place where no character will leave you emotionless. Filled with quirky, funny, deep and touching dialogue – you will sympathise, cry and grow with the characters.


Mysterious Trials, Shocking University Classes, Perilous Quests, Life and Death Battles – you’ll never get bored with the action-filled episodes of Aethernea.


Who is Elaru Wayvin really – a friend or foe? What is the source of The Ink – an enigmatic plague spreading through the continent? Why has the third race of Halnea – the Ascended, mysteriously disappeared? What is the connection between the remaining two races?


Even though Aethernea is a serious and epic tale, you’ll find yourself laughing out loud more often than you think – and when you least expect it.

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The Story

In the world where everyone can perform magic, where quest seekers, treasure hunters, and enchanters are common professions, and where mage duels are the most popular form of entertainment,

Kiel is a “non-mage” – a person who doesn’t have the aptitude to use magic on a regular basis – until he meets Elaru- a mage of mysterious origin, who claims she can give him the power to become the greatest mage world of Halnea has ever seen.

After making a deal that he would surely regret, the only thing standing between him and his dream university of magic, are the entrance exams.

Little did he know, that he would be pulled into a web of lies, ancient riddles, and fatal secrets, where one wrong step could bring his untimely demise.

What secrets are hidden deep in the darkest parts of the forbidden zone? What truly happened over a millennium ago to change the lands of Halnea into its current state? What is the source of The Ink – a mysterious plague spreading through the continent? Why has the third race of Halnea – the Ascended, mysteriously disappeared and what is the connection between the remaining two races?

About the Author

Cloe D. Frost is 24 years old, happily married, and a mother of an amazing 5-year old boy. From an early age, her passion had been creating epic worlds and emotional stories, and now, after a lifetime of “what-ifs” she decided to try supporting her family through what she does best.

She sincerely hopes that her career as a writer and podcaster will not be short lived and that she could provide enough financial support for her family to move from their 30 square-meter small apartment into something bigger.

Cloe D. Frost loves all entertainment mediums such as novels, series, movies and video games, and hopes that someday people will be able to enjoy her works in all different kinds of formats.

You can support her dream through reading and listening to her stories, and sharing them with your friends.


Arc 2 - Muni Entrance Exams (Episodes 33+)