Aethernea release schedule is changing to Thursday & Sunday

By August 25, 2016 Featured, News No Comments

Everyone, I have big news today. Aethernea release schedule is changing from the current “2 episodes on Thursday” because 70% of you voted for a different schedule.

From now on, one Aethernea episode will be released on Sunday and one on Thursday.

What does that mean for 30% of you guys who prefer two episodes in a single day? You don’t need to change your habits at all. Instead of coming back twice a week, you can just come back every Thursday, as usual, and you’ll still have two episodes to read (since you didn’t yet read the episode released on Sunday)

As for the 70% of you guys who want to wait less to get your next Aethernea fix. Hooray! 😀 You got your wish.

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