Diary of Alann Farhice (a.k.a. DOAF)

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Adventure, Drama, Romance

Diary of Alann Farhice is another story set in the world of Aethernea that tells the tale of Alann Farhice – a legendary figure in the history of Halnea. DOAF (besides the prologue) is currently only available to read for Aethernea patrons of Gold tier and upwards. Higher tiers have access to more episodes of DOAF than lower tiers.

About DOAF

You know how in most fantasy stories the main character is from some special bloodline/origin, has a special power, or ran into a lucky chance to obtain a magical item or treasure which helped him rise to prominence?

Alann Farhice is not that guy.

In fact, Alann Farhice might be the unluckiest person to have ever lived in the lands of Halnea. Orphaned from an early age, he had neither friends nor money to support him. His looks and education were lacking, and even his soul isn’t any better – cursing him to be a non-mage for the rest of his life. The only opportunities given to him are the variety no one would ever wish upon themselves.

The only thing Alann Farhice has is intelligence, creativity, perseverance and of course – never-ending bad luck.

But is bad luck enough to stop him from doing the impossible?

The answer to that question could perfectly be summarized with a quote from none other than Alann Farhice:
“Fuck fate! Fuck the gods! I don’t need your gracious luck! I’ll make my own luck! Mark my words! One day, I’ll stand on the top of the world!”

Author Note

I always wanted to turn the popular tropes on their head and write about a vindictive, sarcastic, stingy, petty, yet extremely smart troll of a guy who will show all those novels out there what it means to truly defy fate. Join me in this touching and inspirational, but mostly funny, tale of an absolute underdog and band of misfits in their rise to prominence.

– Cloe D. Frost

Table of Contents

★     Prologue
★     Entry 1 – I am Alann Farhice but you can call me Jack