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What's the current status of Aethernea? Is it abandoned?

Aethernea is currently on temporary hiatus due to the financial difficulties of its author resulting in a complete lack of free time to write Aethernea.

Aethernea is not abandoned and Cloe intends to come back to write it as soon as her personal life situation improves enough to allow her to actually have any free time. However, the improvement is very slow and it is unknown when exactly it will happen.

Judging by the backlog of work Cloe has to do, even if she wins the lottery tomorrow, she won’t be able to come back writing before 2026. In the worst case scenario (that is very unlikely to happen), she will come back to write it in her retirement when she no longer needs to be a full-time worker and full-time housewife at the same time.

How can I help support Aethernea?

  1. Tell your friends about Aethernea
  2. Disable your ad blocker
  3. Vote for Aethernea on TopWebFiction every week
  4. Keep reading ūüôā

What is a web novel?

It’s a novel whose episodes are periodically released and made available for reading through a website. This form of a novel is popular in East Asian countries, and in recent years, it is gaining popularity in the rest of the world as well through sites such as Wattpad.

When are new episodes released?

Every Thursday and Sunday, during the day. Sometimes as early as 11 CET, sometimes as late as 20 CET.

Why did you decide to start releasing Aethernea as a web novel?

As a housewife and a mother, it is hard for me to balance my everyday tasks with writing. This makes it so that even when I want to write I feel too tired to do so, or instead choose to relax. This tendency makes it so that the writing of Aethernea is not fast or frequent enough.

However, if I start releasing Aethernea periodically things change Рthis introduces a deadline by which I need to finish each episode. Deadline pressures me and pushes me to write and work on Aethernea more than I usually would. It is a way for me to challenge myself and make me stick to my goals from the start until the end.
It will also allow me to put Aethernea out there, in front of the readers, long before it gets completely finished. That way I can listen to the readers and improve Aethernea with their feedback. Listening to the feedback from my readers will also motivate me to work harder and not get discouraged.

Why free?

Because I want everyone to have a chance to read Aethernea. Making it free will allow a greater number of people to enjoy Aethernea with no strings attached. If you end up liking it – great, there is nothing better than free goodies. But if you find out it is not “your cup of tea”, you won’t feel bitter because you weren’t forced to pay for it.

Will Aethernea be available for free forever?

The readers who start reading Aethernea now will be able to read it for free as it is released. After the first book gets completed, I will start releasing free episodes of the second book. The previously released free episodes will remain online for a short period, after which some of them will no longer be available for reading for free. People who miss this window of opportunity will have to buy the first book to be able to read it in its entirety.

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