Why Support Aethernea?

Hi!¬†I am Cloe D. Frost and I am the writer of Aethernea. ūüôā
It has been a longtime dream of mine to make a living doing what I love – creating worlds and stories.
In fact, I’d love nothing more than to be able to write Aethernea full-time. Not only would it improve the quality of Aethernea, but it would also allow me to give you more episodes to read.
However, I am¬†a mother and a wife, and I need to financially support my family, so Aethernea cannot become more than a hobby unless it is able to put food on the table. While Aethernea does have some ads on the site, currently, the revenue made from those ads isn’t enough to buy me a single cup of coffee each month. Naturally, it cannot even cover the hosting costs for the site, let alone anything more.
That’s why Aethernea and I¬†need your support! Every pledge is greatly appreciated and helps towards reaching a funding goal. Not only would it help me become a full time author but it would also help you get more Aethernea goodies such as more chapters and professional artwork.
With enough support nothing is impossible! Even far-fetched dreams such as creating an Aethernea game, comic/manga or animated series are within reach with enough funding.

Support Aethernea through Patreon


Pledge Tiers


$ 2

Per Month
  • Read 2 episodes more¬†than free readers1
  • Have indefinite access to all released episodes2
  • Ad free site
  • Pledge 2$


$ 5

Per Month
  • Read 4 episodes more¬†than free readers1
  • Includes Bronze tier benefits
  • Pledge 5$

GoldMost Popular

$ 10

Per Month
  • Read 6¬†episodes more¬†than free readers1
  • Includes Silver tier benefits
  • Extra content such as concept art, wallpapers, mini comics, stories not part of the book and removed episodes
  • Access to “Diary of Alann Farhice” a funny story set in the world of Aethernea
  • Pdf & epub version of the published book
  • Pledge 10$


$ 25

Per Month
  • Read 7 episodes more¬†than free readers1
  • Includes Gold tier benefits
  • Your name in the special credits in all released materials
  • Signed special paperback¬†edition of the published book
  • Discounts on future Aethernea books & other goodies
  • Read premium blog posts where I reveal tips, tricks and techniques, or just talk about a specific suggested topic.
  • Pledge 25$


$ 50

Per Month
  • Read 8 episodes more¬†than free readers1
  • Includes Platinum tier benefits
  • I’ll read up to 5k words of your writing and give you personal writing tips
  • Your name as a sponsor in all released materials
  • Signed special hardcover edition of the published book
  • VIP treatment. Chat with me and other Mythril tier supporters in a private Discord chat channel.
  • ASAP response to questions, comments, and emails
  • Leave your mark in the world of Aethernea. You get to name a place, object or a person.
  • Pledge 50$

1Aethernea will continue with two free releases every week. However, Aethernea supporters will be 1 or more episodes ahead of the public release. E.g. while others are reading episode 12&13, Aethernea supporters will have access to episodes 14 & 15(Bronze), 15 & 16(Silver), 17 & 18(Gold), 19(Platinum), 20(Mythril).

2After the first book gets published some of the previously free episodes might get unavailable to read for free. As a subscriber, you will continue having access to those episodes.

But that’s not all! There are more benefits!

All pledges go towards reaching a monthly funding goal. For each 200$ per month, you¬†will receive a one time extra episode. (Eg. when monthly total pledged amount reaches 200$, 400$, 600$ etc. I’ll release an extra episode.) Besides the one-time rewards, reaching the goals will also reward you with permanent benefits:

Goal 1 Р100$ per month [Reached]

Faster Site

This would cover the cost of hosting and services, ensuring that Aethernea.com never gets taken down. It would also allow me to move the site to a faster server which would make Aethernea site faster.

Goal 2 – 800$ per month

1 extra episode per month

This would allow me to work half-time on writing Aethernea. It means that it will be finished sooner and it will allow me to release one extra free episode per month.

Goal 3 – 1600$ per month

2 extra episodes per month

This would allow me to make my dream a reality and concentrate on writing Aethernea full-time. It will be finished sooner and I’ll reward you with one more extra episode each month. (With the previous goal, this makes 2 extra episodes a month.)

Goal 4 – 2000$ per month

Professional Art

This would allow me to hire a professional artist to draw beautiful pictures of characters, environment, and items.

Goal 5 Р2500$ per month

Many potential goodies

More beautiful art! Wallpapers, posters, t-shirts – anything is possible. I might even hire a professional editor to improve the quality of the chapters. I might even throw in one more bonus episode per month. ūüėČ

Goal 6 – 4000$ per month

Aethernea RPG game

This would allow me to start working on Aethernea RPG game. Did you know that I am actually a game developer by profession?




I pledged. What now?

To get access to patron only episodes, register an aethernea.com account. Then leave a comment on the patreon page with your aethernea username. I will then promote your account asap to reflect your pledge amount. Then you will be able to read the episodes through the aethernea.com website, just as usual.

How do I get the epub/pdf version of the book?

Become a patron with a pledge of 10$. As soon as you do, you will be added to the list of people who will receive the pdf/epub version of the book when it gets finished.

When will the epub/pdf version of the published book be available?

I don’t know. It might become available during 2017 or it might be finished in 2018. It depends on the size of the first book. The longer it takes, the longer the finished book will be.

What does 'your name in special credits' and 'your name as sponsor' mean?

It means that when people visit the about section of the Aethernea site, they will be able to see your name there, in “Special Thanks” section. Your name will stay there forever, even if you stop being a patron.
Your name will also be included in the special thanks section of the published book, for the whole world to see.

Sponsors will have a higher, more important looking placement and title in the mentioned special thanks sections.

What is a signed special paperback/hardcover edition of the book?

Patrons will be able to get their hands on a special edition of the book that won’t be for sale. It will include my signature and dedication to you, and might also include some other goodies such as a unique cover. Note: You might need to pay the shipping cost.

What do you mean by 'discounts on future Aethernea stuff''?

In the future, there will be many Aethernea goodies for purchase: books, merchandise such as posters and t-shirts, and even video games are a possibility. Patrons whose pledge gets this benefit will get discounts on the stuff depending on a number of months they had this tier.

What is this 'read premium blog posts' reward?

Every month, Platinum tier and up supporters will be able to suggest a topic they are interested in and I will write a detailed blog post about it.
You could ask me to reveal some writing, worldbuilding, drawing or any other tips or techniques. You can even ask me something completely unrelated to my craft, such as my opinion on world affairs or books, etc.
Platinum tier and up will be able to access these posts.


What is Patreon?

Patreon is a crowd-funding platform that allows content creators (writers, musicians, artists, etc.) to make a living from their work through subscription payments from their fans.
Basically, you pledge the amount of money you are comfortable with giving to the creator and become a patron. Your pledge amount is then charged to you once per month and you receive the benefits of the tier your pledge falls under.
All the pledges from every patron are counted towards a funding goal. When the goal is reached, the creator rewards everyone with something extra.

Do I need to pledge to continue reading Aethernea?

No. Aethernea will continue with two free releases every week, however, patrons will have access to episodes that have not yet been released for free. After the first book gets published, some episodes might become unavailable for reading for free.

Are payments secure?

All payments are done through Patreon and/or Paypal. Aethernea has nothing to do with processing the payments nor do we get access to your personal and credit card information. Patreon and/or Paypal make sure your purchase is secure and take care of any potential refund requests and unsubscriptions.

When will I be charged?

You will be charget the moment you become a patron. After the initial payment, your subscription will be renewed and charged at the beginning of every month.

Can I change my pledge amount?

Just go to the top right of the page and once you hover near your profile picture, you will see a list of options. Click on ‚ÄúYour Pledges‚ÄĚ and you should be able to see all your active pledges and make changes/edits to it. If you increase your pledge, the difference between your previous pledge and the¬†new one will be charged immediately and you will get upgraded to a higher tier. If you decrease your pledge amount, you will still enjoy the benefits of your previous (higher) tier until the end of the month.¬†Your new pledge amount will be charged at the start of the next month and you will be downgraded to the tier corresponding to your pledge.

How does Patron charge me?

Patreon accepts two forms of payment: PayPal and credit card. You can add your paypal account to Patreon, or if you don’t have one, then simply add your credit corresponding make sure that your given payment account has the funds, not expired, etc, otherwise the pledge will be automatically declined by Patreon.

Can I cancel my subscription?

On your profile on Patreon you will be able to see all your pledges, adjust the amount you are pledging each month or stop pledging. If you stop pledging, you will still recieve the benefits of your previous tier until the end of the month.