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11 Comments on "Episode 144 – Special Exam End"

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Great story this one been hilarious i might have idea where you are going with need moar work xD
Question about panteon only chapters do this include extra chapters that are present on gravity ? so lets say (4 gravity plus + 2/4/5/6/8 for patreon) or just standard plus (x patreon or +4 gravity ?) asking since i should have acces to 4 extras and it seems i got more out of deal unless its on top of what i get with gravity.

And now waiting for countdown for next chapter to finish 😀
Meanwhile time to look around site.


Question Is 144 end of arc ? if yes around when we can expect arc3 ( or ep 145) this wont affect patreon status for upcoming months even if you are taking holidays till next year


Are you okay over there? This has been the latest chapter for a while now and the most recent news updates on this site and patron were from almost a month ago.

Or are you just taking a holiday break and I missed it?