Fiction Awards 2016 Contest Awards

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The Fiction Awards 2016 contest that was held on Wattpad is now closed and you guys did it! You managed to reach the highest number of votes in all 4 categories where Aethernea and me have been nominated! That’s so friggin amazing!!

It brings tears to my eyes how passionate you guys are about Aethernea. During the course of these few months that I’ve been releasing Aethernea, you have been the highlight of my day. I literally keep refreshing my web browser tap every few minutes each time I release a new chapter, giggling like a little girl waiting for her Christmas presents, expecting your funny and wonderful reactions.

You guys are my favorite drug, constantly keeping me high, and never wanting to stop writing. 🙂

So thank you, thank you so very very very much!

I especially want to thank sedruum, AlexMLion, Annie9010, BlackWhiteD, destinygomez25, Kiri16Rojas, joetxwatts, Bronzeapollo, asteorin, Rionyx, Nerdygirl719, HDLinx, aandrewwc, Eiryalle, Shelima-Baldur, peacelovecats, pippapun, QuillbeNimble, StarlightFlames, ismahanie, Dragonfly205, zolen_delocus, -Genos-, HamzaBendani, TyTy00014, dragophoenix96, lyoncbe, JandiiArlotte, Magical-Fantasy, Natjkint, iamthefunny, bookwormjup, salmitaamin, Yukikami-sama, NicholeMojello, Lizzie41701, Jetjacky, moonbright667, orientkiler for their efforts in this contest. You guys rock! <3

Special Event Awards

Bonus Chapters

We might have the highest number of votes in all 4 categories, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we won all 4 categories. We’ll have to wait for the results of the contest to find out who won what, after which, if we did win stuff, the appropriate number of bonus chapters is going to be released.

However, since I feel extremely touched by how much you guys voted, and that tallying is probably going to take a while, I am going to reward you all with a bonus-bonus chapter, that will be released as soon as I manage to write it.

Top 10 Voter Awards

Now, you might not know this, but I am actually a computer programmer by profession, so I wrote a computer program that counts the votes. (Let’s face it, counting hundred thousand votes by hand would last forever and leave me no time for writing.)

Unfortunately, Wattpad servers weren’t made to handle such a large amount of comments, so they have issues fetching them. Because of this, my program was unable to fetch about 10% of comments because wattpad servers kept running into an error.

I am very sorry about this, and tried many workarounds, however, all attempts to fetch those missing comments were to no avail. >< It’s a technical issue on Wattpad’s side that I can do nothing about.

Therefore, these results are the totals of the remaining 90% of the comments.

Winners of Gold Aethernea subscription:

  1. sedruum, 24371 votes
  2. AlexMLion, 11133 votes
  3. Annie9010, 10313 votes
  4. BlackWhiteD, 10087 votes
  5. destinygomez25, 10023 votes
  6. Kiri16Rojas, 8339 votes
  7. joetxwatts, 3803 votes
  8. Bronzeapollo, 2645 votes
  9. asteorin, 2467 votes
  10. Rionyx, 2279 votes

Holy f***! So many votes!!! Word amazing can’t do you justice! I don’t even know how you managed to vote so much! Sedruum, 24k?? Are you a computer programmer like me or are you simply too amazing for words?!

Wow! Just wow! I take off my hat for you guys. That’s some very impressive determination to win. You certainly earned these awards.

Now, since you guys were so dedicated, and as an apology for being unable to count all 100% of the votes, I am adding 6 additional rewards of one month of Silver Aethernea subscription into the mix. So places 11-16 are also not leaving empty handed:

Winners of Silver Aethernea subscription:

Lottery Winners

Lottery winners were again decided by the program I wrote. It shuffled the “lottery tickets” so that everyone got 1-4 tickets, one for each category they voted in. And then the program just randomly picked the winning tickets.

Winners of Gold Subscription:

Since I issued 5 extra rewards to top voters, I am going to issue 5 Silver Subscription rewards to random people as well, to prevent you from feeling it is unfair. 😉

Winners of Silver Subscription:

For all of you who aren’t among the lucky winners. Sorry 🙁 Better luck next year. There will be plenty of chances to win free stuff in the future.

Here is a screenshot I withheld from posting for weeks just to save for this moment in hopes it would help cheer you up in this difficult moment of disappointment:

Here is a screenshot I withheld from posting for weeks just to save for this moment in hopes it would help cheer you up in this difficult moment of disappointment:

Moral of the story: You are not as unlucky as me 😛

How to pick up the rewards

If you are among the winners, register an account here. The email you use to register an account will be where I’ll be sending you an Aethernea ebook in the future (for Gold Subscription Winners).

After you register the account, go back on Wattpad and leave your username in an inline comment here. After that, I’ll upgrade your account and you will be able to enjoy Gold/Silver patron only benefits for a whole month.

Here is a list of benefits for Gold/Silver Tier patrons:

Silver Tier:

  • Read 4 more episodes of Aethernea than what is available for free

Gold Tier:

  • Read 4 more episodes of Aethernea than what is available for free
  • Access to extra content such as concept art, stories not part of the book, removed episodes and side stories
  • Access to “Diary of AlannFarhice” or DOAF, a funny story set in the world of Aethernea
  • Pdf & epub version of the published book sent to your mail
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