Episode 114 – End of Kiel’s Practical Exam


The day of the practical exams is finally here and Kiel is inside a large arena created by the Replica Dungeon. Nelaira tricks Deora into attacking the Rroda brothers, and Deora ends up pursuing Kiel with a barrage of fireballs. Kiel runs away, dodging the fireballs, however, Deora manages to hit him with an explosive airball. Kiel loses his consciousness and remembers how he got trapped inside the burning house as a child. After waking up he gets into a life and death situation that makes him overcome his fear of fire and launch a counter attack on Deora. He manages to poison Deora, knocking him out of the competition.

Seeing Kiel win his fight, Rhur finished Nelaira off in a fit of rage. Kiel manages to recover through applying a healing ointment. Kiel and Rhur team up to attack Zor. After realizing they are no match for Zor, Rhur turns on Kiel, sneak attacking him. Kiel almost manages to defeat Rhur, however, because of his mythril armor, Rhur survives and manages to catch Kiel off guard with his lightning. Rhur proceeds to torture Kiel with alternating between zapping him and kicking him in the stomach. Rhur kicks Kiel into Deora and zaps them both, waking up unconscious Deora in the process. Kiel calls Deora a firecracker and makes him self-destruct, destroying the entire stadium and killing Rhur in the process.

Kiel manages to survive due to Elaru’s magical artifact in the shape of an egg. After a short conversation with Zor, Kiel manages to provoke Zor into attacking him.

Episode 114 – End of Kiel’s Practical Exam

And then, abruptly, the rings on Elaru’s magical egg jolted and speedily twirled themselves around the egg. The rings didn’t even stop spinning before Kiel’s barrier had completely vanished.

What did he do?! Kiel slid his hand into his pocket, simultaneously accelerating backward, his eyes wide in shock. He could feel the changes in the egg even though it had been in his pants.

He brought the artifact out, hoping he could activate it again, but the rotations of the rings had completely changed. He had no idea how to set them up again!

His plight didn’t escape Zor’s golden eyes, which grew colder and colder by the second.

He didn’t chase after Kiel, only watching him calmly.

However, that caused no relief to Kiel, for a moment later, he almost slammed his back into Zor Arite, who had, in a blink of an eye, teleported from his previous position to stand right in his path.

Kiel tried twisting his body around in midair, as to escape from the dangerous situation. However, Zor gave him no chance, his hand seized Kiel by the neck in a vice grip.

Kiel’s leg that was heading straight for Zor’s stomach paused an inch away as he heard Zor threaten: “Move an inch, and I’ll crush your neck.”

Kiel had no doubt that a person revered as a genius of his generation, would certainly have a way to decapitate him with his bare hands. He once again remembered the tip on battling Zor: “Forfeit.”

I better not make any rash moves. Kiel decided. Zor Arite obviously didn’t want him dead just yet. There might be a chance to reverse the current situation if he was patient. He still had an Acceleration spell and a Morph spell cast on his body. All he needed was a single moment of weakness. A single moment in which Zor loosened his guard.

Perhaps this close proximity wasn’t bad at all. It would make it hard for Zor to dodge his attacks if they are timed properly. If Kiel had wanted to enter close range combat with Zor, he would be unable to do so, but now, Zor had taken the initiative.

“You might want to reconsider your previous answer. I don’t tolerate people lying to me.” Zor’s cold voice interrupted Kiel’s pondering.

What previous answer? Confusion flashed in Kiel’s mind. Was it so hard for Zor Arite to accept that he had no idea of the circumstances of his death? What arrogance! Who does he think he is? A god that everyone needs to worship?

“There is nothing to reconsider.” Kiel squeezed out between gritted teeth, doing his best to disguise the displeasure he was feeling. “All I said was the truth.”

Zor snapped his fingers and once again recast a sound isolation barrier around them.

“Alright. Then let’s stop talking about me.” Zor’s piercing golden glare could almost poke a hole through someone. “Let’s talk about you instead.”

Zor pointed towards the metal egg Kiel had been gripping tightly in his right hand. “Where did you obtain the Seed of Aegis?”

“A what?” Kiel followed Zor’s pointing finger. Elaru’s magical egg? Is that what it’s called?

At that moment, countless thoughts flashed through Kiel’s mind. How did Zor know the name of Elaru’s magical artifact?

Overwhelming curiosity struck Kiel like a hammer, chucking the exam to the back of his mind. Even if he managed to sneak an attack in, it wasn’t likely that he would be able to deal much damage to Zor Arite. Then, should he fish for information instead? Perhaps Zor could tell him some clues that could help him figure out the secret of Elaru Wayvin!

“Oh.” Kiel mused. “Are you familiar with my magical artifact?”

Unfortunately, the only response he got from Zor was him tightening his grip on Kiel’s neck.

However, Kiel didn’t panic. Zor seemed to want something from him, perhaps he could profit from this misfortune?

“I can tell you everything I know, including where I got the Seed of Aegis, but… it won’t be for free. How about it? Promise to forfeit this match, and I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”

Kiel was half expecting Zor Arite to turn furious with his bargaining attempt, but instead, Zor chuckled deeply. “Nice try. Unfortunately, I have no intention to throw this fight just to satisfy my own curiosity. Me, dying by your hand, would bring shame to the Arite family, not to mention it would sully my reputation.”

He still said “my” even though he knew that he wasn’t the real Zor Arite. But even though he knew that, he felt like he was the real one. Their feelings, dreams, and aspirations were the same. Even though he was a Replica, it made no difference, he was just as real as the real Zor Arite. They were the same.

Kiel stared at Zor’s unwavering determination and it was clear to him that there was nothing he could do to make Zor change his mind. He understood how he felt. If he had been in Zor’s shoes, he would have made the same choice, even though he abhorred the majority of his own family.

But still, even if he had no family or reputation to uphold, he would still refuse to forfeit. The idea of losing his life to someone else on purpose… he just couldn’t stand it! Even the thought that his death would help some stranger get a higher score on his exams left a bitter taste in his mouth. Why should someone else have an easy time in their exam when he had suffered in it this much?

Finally, Kiel mumbled: “This artifact is not really mine. A friend lent it to me.”

No sooner had he finished speaking than Zor had asked another question: “Who is your friend?”

For a moment, Kiel hesitated. Was it really alright for him to tell the truth? Elaru didn’t give him the impression that her egg was a sensitive topic. She treated it as if it was a common object she bought from a street stall. She didn’t even try to hide that it was in her possession. If so, would it be alright if he admitted that it was hers?

It should be alright?

After all, this Zor Arite was just a Replica who would disappear forever in several minutes. Even if Kiel told him an earth-shattering secret, Zor wouldn’t be able to tell it to anyone. He had even cast a sound isolating barrier around them so that the examiners couldn’t hear their conversation.

After reaching the conclusion that he wouldn’t compromise Elaru’s safety, Kiel finally decided to admit the truth. “Her name is…”

Kiel struggled to speak through his constricted throat. “…Elaru Wayvin.”

Kiel had focused all his attention on Zor’s facial expression, so as to catch any flashes of emotions that might help him determine whether Zor found Elaru’s last name familiar. However, as it turned out, he needn’t bothered.

For Zor Arite didn’t even attempt to conceal his shock. His face froze, and he stared at Kiel in stupefaction as if he had just witnessed Kiel growing three wings, two heads, and a tail.

Zor Arite knew something!

Kiel had to restrain himself from sounding too eager, so he only opened his mouth to ask a question after several moments of silence had passed.

However, before Kiel’s voice could reach Zor Arite, the silence was broken by Zor’s uproarious laughter. “So that’s how it is…!”

It wasn’t an angry or mocking laughter, nor did it sound like he was laughing at something funny.

No, it appeared as if Zor Arite was…


Zor’s grip on Kiel’s neck slipped, and his aura turned mild, no longer pressing down on Kiel.

Kiel wasn’t sure whether Zor was letting him go on purpose or because he found it hard to clutch onto him tightly through the uncontrollable laughter.

However, it didn’t matter. Zor’s guard had clearly slipped. This was Kiel’s last chance to turn the tables around!

However, if he attempted to cast a new spell, Zor would have enough time to crush his neck. He needed a speedy attack that would leave no opportunity for Zor to dodge!

Kiel’s eyes flashed decisively.

And he concentrated on the only two spells he had cast on his own body – Morph and Accelerate.

A moment later his two hands chopped towards Zor’s hand that was clutching his neck, and his knee kicked towards Zor’s chest, all three Accelerated to their highest possible speed.

Zor’s reaction speed was shocking. He surprisingly let go of Kiel’s neck and blocked Kiel’s knee with his hand leisurely, as if to stop a child from throwing a tantrum.

However, suddenly, an ivory colored spike erupted from Kiel’s knee and passed straight through Zor’s hand like a hot knife through butter.

It didn’t stop there, it continued shooting into Zor’s chest, barely missing his heart.

Kiel had chosen to Morph his own bones and use them as weapons!

The black robes Zor was wearing turned even blacker around the place where the ivory bone pierced his chest. A small crimson snake streamed down the ivory spike.

Kiel stared at Zor in a stupor. He didn’t even attempt to dodge or block the blow!

Judging by his composed facial expression that showed no shock or panic, Kiel could tell that in Zor’s eyes, all his actions were considered as child’s play.

Zor looked at Kiel’s confused icy blue eyes and grinned widely.

If it weren’t for the fact that the blood had colored his pearly white teeth crimson, Kiel would think that the injury he inflicted was just an illusion.

In fact, it was as if Zor didn’t even notice the injury. As if Kiel was just a little pechuh baring his teeth out of helplessness, he didn’t even bother to feel angry at him.

On the contrary, he even continued the conversation nonchalantly as if there was no spike sticking out of his chest: “How close are you to Elaru Wayvin?”

Kiel didn’t know whether he should be feeling dumbfounded, insulted or appreciative.

He shook his head and concentrated on the words Zor had spoken. It couldn’t be that Zor Arite knew Elaru Wayvin? That was impossible. Elaru was 18 this year, but this Replica of Zor Arite was made 21 years ago.

So then…

Was he familiar with the Wayvin family or someone with that family name?

Kiel instinctively grabbed the hem of Zor’s shirt. “Do you know Elaru Wayvin?” The question erupted from his mouth before he could even realize what he was saying or how silly his actions seemed. He couldn’t help it, the desire to know the reason behind Zor’s strange reaction was overwhelming.

Zor’s mouth morphed into a wide grin full of hidden meaning. His lips moved slowly as if he had difficulty talking. “Elaru… ”

Kiel pricked up his ears, his heart leaped into his throat. Has the time finally arrived for him to unveil the secret of Elaru Wayvin?

“…Wayvin…” Zor’s gruff voice continued.

Kiel stared at Zor heatedly, waiting expectantly for him to finish his sentence. Zor’s mouth formed what seemed to be “is” and was just about to voice it. Kiel felt like screaming “Hurry it up!” but he didn’t dare interrupt him.

Finally, Zor voiced that “is” which he intended to voice, Kiel barely managed to hear him over the loud thumping of his own heart. Elaru Wayvin is…?

Kiel stared fixedly at Zor’s mouth trying to lip read what word he would say next.

Yet, before Zor could form the next word, his body turned into countless motes of light, slowly evaporating into nothingness.

Kiel’s eyes widened in shock. No! Nonononononono! Elaru Wayvin is what???

The disappearing image of Zor Arite never finished his sentence. The only answer Kiel got to his question was a crafty grin.

As Kiel saw that strangely familiar grin his whole body froze.

After a moment of stiffness, his head snapped back towards the hourglass.

There was no sand remaining in the upper half of the hourglass. His thirty minutes were up.

Kiel finally realized that this entire time, Zor had never intended to finish his sentence. He was teasing him all along. The bastard had feigned difficulty speaking, waiting for the last strand of sand to pass through the hourglass, so that his words would forever remain unspoken, eating away at Kiel’s heart.

No wonder he didn’t even bother dodging the attack! The time was about to expire anyway!

Kiel couldn’t help but wonder if Zor had something against him. Was this a form of revenge?

Whatever the case, Kiel had to admit that this kind of payback was incredibly cruel. To be so close to the truth and yet, for it to slip through his fingers just as he was about to reach it.

Kiel’s jaw clenched, and his hands balled into fists. He was only remotely aware that Zor wasn’t the only one which disintegrated. The world around him also turned into motes of light, vanishing into thin air. Even the blood Kiel had spit out earlier evaporated into glittering dust.

That was the last thing Kiel saw before the world in front of his eyes turned black.

Let’s play “fill in the blanks” game. “Elaru Wayvin is _____________” – What was Zor about to say? Do you think he knows who Elaru is or that he knows her relatives? Why do you think he burst out in laughter after hearing Elaru’s name? What are your conjectures? ?The reason behind it will be revealed in the future. But I just want to hear how close to the truth you guys are.

In fact, this chapter has so many buried clues that I can’t even count them all. Zor’s behavior so far, not just in this chapter, was full of peculiarities. All of which Kiel misunderstood in some way. One day, you’ll be rereading this chapter and thinking “Oh my god! It all makes sense!”

Coming up in the next episode:

Kiel felt as if he hadn’t seen her beautiful face for ages, and his heart almost lurched when she smiled at him brightly: “How did it go?”

Kiel was about to say “I don’t want to talk about it.” But a new voice made his jaw stiffen, and his words got stuck in his throat: “Can’t you tell? When you see a face like that you are better off not asking for details.”

“Zor Arite.” Kiel spoke slowly, looking at Elaru from the corner of his eyes, gauging her reaction.

It was almost eerie how Elaru didn’t join the conversation at all. Kiel had never seen her so silent. Or so…solemn?

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7 years ago

You know, I actually considered the possibility of him bumping into Deora and using him in some way, but I discounted it since I didn’t think he had anything on him he could use. I didn’t consider he wouldn’t be dead. I should have known, though, we’d get to see “Firecracker” somehow haha. I think clearly the reaction speaks that Elaru is his daughter. His pleasure, his peace at knowing his line continues, (his sudden reversal in willingness to lose?), playing with Kiel like he would a son in law, his grin reminding Kiel of Elaru; it’s all there. Whether… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Remdale

Indeed, the more I think about it the more right I feel. There are a ton of indicators of Zor being the father throughout the story. From her “uncle” recalling that her father never him intervene between two other family heads of his generation, Zor’s famed generation, to many other things. Furthermore, this “Papa” sounds exactly like the Zor we’ve seen here. And him turning out to be still alive but split from the family and lying low, having faked his own death, seems like something you would do, and would be plenty of reason for Elaru’s secrecy. Well, it… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Cloe D. Frost

Haha, well, if it CAN be figured out at this point I’ll place my bets on my conjecture being right, otherwise…. alas. I enjoy speculating, very much so. Despite many a time being wrong, as I am oft to go too deep down the rabbit hole. 😉 As for how he could know, it would be the significance of her name paired with her having the Seed of Aegis. You just said she hadn’t been conceived then, but what about in those intervening 3 years? Zor may have at that time 21 years ago had his eye on a lady… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Cloe D. Frost

Hmmm, well that does make me think I am wrong. 😉 There’s also this line, which doesn’t match well with my conjecture: “he stared at Kiel in stupefaction as if he had just witnessed Kiel growing three wings, two heads, and a tail.” To have a reaction like that simply from hearing her name being spoken…. is more as if she is not meant to “be”, or for him to know that person is of staggering significance. Fate foretold? But for it to make him in his circumstance so very happy and his other reactions isn’t something I can put… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Cloe D. Frost

well, the replica is 21 years old and she is 18, logically speaking he shouldn’t be able to know about her, but he does, that means there has to be some time fuckery or something similar going on

or something like remdale said really

7 years ago

My theory is that zor arite is the person who took care of elaru wayvin when she was little and taught her everything and that he isnt actually dead but is missing. My second theory is that the woman at the beginning with the ink that is trapped and writing letters is writing letters to zor arite.

7 years ago

Jotting down thoughts as they come so sorry if it’s partly incoherent 😉
So first thing first, This “version” of Zor cannot know about Elaru, timeline doesn’t match…

That is unless to him “Elaru Wayvin” is a concept rather than a specific person (in a “if i ever get a daughter imma call her Elaru” kinda way, or “all bastard children to the Arite family will bear the name Wayvin” maybe)
Yeah so i guess i’ll join the consensus here and say “her dad” as well x)

7 years ago
Reply to  Cloe D. Frost

Well, clearly I was wrong if you word it that way. 🙁 Unlesss Zor is still alive like I supposed possible. Or not then either? Too much math! But why would anyone take that into consideration with Elaru? Of course readers will believe she and Kiel will eventually figure something out together. *wink* Your story is stuffed full of “accepted facts” that they are in line to challenge and truths hidden for them to unveil!

7 years ago
Reply to  Cloe D. Frost

sure, as far as we know they can’t have children, but we neither know what effect the bond has on that part(and let’s be honest here, elaru and kiel are gonna grow… closer, so I doubt you’d prevent them from having children) also elaru has a damaged? soul, that might just come from being a “hybrid”

7 years ago

Oh, by the way, your preview for the next chapter doesn’t match. I’ll try not to read anything into that. 😉

7 years ago

i think elaru may be his descendent…maybe he is the one who told her about arite secret

7 years ago

When will my account be upgraded? I have signed up for patreon already

7 years ago

I already subscribed and already logged-in why I can’t read this? Pls help I am dying to read next chapters ?