Introducing DOAF – a new Aethernea story

Diary of Alann Farhice (a.k.a. DOAF) is a new story that I am working on, whenever I can spare the time, that is set almost 1000 years before the current story of Aethernea. It features Alann Farhice, who is trying to rise from obscurity to prominence using his intelligence. In his epic quest of an absolute underdog, he will slowly fight for every single thing that he desires and achieve it through unorthodox means. DOAF is an absolutely hilarious and yet inspiring adventure of Alann and his band of misfits written from Alann’s point of view.

DOAF, besides the first several chapters, will only be available for reading to patrons of Gold Tier and above for now. Higher tiers will have access to more chapters.

Currently, I’ve uploaded the prologue and the first chapter, but more will be coming soon.

DOAF - More Info & Chapter List

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[…] there is a blog post introducing “Diary of Alann Farhice”, a new hilarious Aethernea story I am working on. There is also a blog post with character […]