Aethernea is joining GravityTales + 5 episode mega release

I have excellent news for everyone today – Aethernea is joining GravityTales!

For you that are unfamiliar with it – GravityTales is a big and popular site that hosts original and translated web novels. They have many very interesting free novels on the site and a large audience of readers.

From now onwards, you will be able to read Aethernea on GravityTales too. Aethernea won’t be taken down from or wattpad, and you’ll still be able to read it there. However, the releases on GravityTales will be 5 episodes ahead of all other releases. So that means that all of you are getting a treat today – 5 extra episodes have been uploaded that you can read over at GravityTales.

What does this mean for non-patrons?

For all of you that are reading Aethernea on for free, you should switch to reading Aethernea on GravityTales because the release on GravityTales is 5 episodes ahead of the release on This will also help me because ad revenue from GravityTales is many times higher than the measly, almost non-existent ad revenue that I have on

What does this mean for Patrons?

Patrons will still continue reading Aethernea on where they will be able to read both those 5 releases that are available on GravityTales and extra episodes rewarded to patrons because of their pledges. Basically, the lowest pledge tier (2$) will be able to read 5 + 2 = 7 episodes more than free readers. While the highest pledge tier (50$) will be able to read 5 + 8 = 13 episodes more than free readers.

I have edited your permissions so you can already read those 5 episodes. As for the extra episodes that you should be able to read because of your pledge, currently, I am still in the process of writing those unreleased episodes. So Patrons currently only have access to 3 episodes more than what is released on GravityTales. However, I am working on it, and all of those 8 extra episodes should be up by the end of the week.

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7 years ago

Your website is so much more pleasing to the eye though 🙁 Congratz on increasing your readers/fanbase too! 🙂