Support Aethernea through Patreon – Read up to 8 extra episodes

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It has been a longtime dream of mine to make a living doing what I love – creating worlds and stories.

In fact, I’d love nothing more than to be able to write Aethernea full-time. Not only would it improve the quality of Aethernea, but it would also allow me to give you more episodes to read.

However, I am a mother and a wife, and I need to financially support my family, so Aethernea cannot become more than a hobby unless it is able to put food on the table.

Now, I’ve taken a first step in making Aethernea into something more than a hobby by opening a Patreon account. Patreon is a crowd-funding platform that allows content creators (writers, musicians, artists, etc.) to make a living from their work through subscription payments from their fans.

The subscriptions start as cheap as 2$ per month and rewards go up to 8 episodes ahead of what is currently being released.

If you choose to support Aethernea through Patreon, you could be reading those 8 episodes in a few minutes.

Not only does supporting Aethernea bring you immediate benefits of extra episodes, but it also brings everyone benefits in the form of extra art and bonus episodes when a certain funding goal is reached.

With enough support nothing is impossible! Even far-fetched dreams such as creating an Aethernea game, comic/manga or animated series are within reach with enough funding.


Please Check out the amazing benefits, rewards, goals and all other related information here.

The information is also available on Aethernea’s Patreon page.

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