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Aethernea and me(CloeDFrost) have been nominated in four different categories (“Best Fantasy Story”, “Best of The Beginners”, “Best of The Little” & “Best Overall Account”) on The Fiction Awards 2016 contest on Wattpad. And thus, I decided to host a special event:

>>>   Special event  <<<

The point of the event is to give Aethernea and me as many votes as you can on The Fiction Awards contest. Each category of the contest has 3 winners. Higher amount of votes the nomination has, better chance for it to be chosen as one of the winners.

How to Vote

1. Go to and register an account (or log in if you already have an account)

2. Open your account Settings in the menu from the top right corner.

3. Check the checkbox with “Join the Beta program”. This will allow you to see and leave inline comments.

4. Open the contest page:

5. Scroll to the category where Aethernea and me have been nominated: “Best Fantasy Story”, “Best of The Beginners”, “Best of The Little” & “Best Overall Account “(I’d suggest prioritizing the latter three categories, they are in dire need of votes)

6. Find a line with “Aethernea : Soulbound by CloeDFrost”, or just CloeDFrost

7. Click the bubble on the right side of that line to open the interface where you can leave inline comments

8. Leave one or more inline comments with ‘+1’


You can vote unlimited number of times on unlimited number of nominations.

This means that, for example, if you want to nominate me for Best of the Little, you can choose to leave only one ‘+1’ comment inline next to my name, or you can choose to leave 100 comments inline next to my name.



1. For each category I manage to win, one bonus chapter will be released. That is up to 4 bonus chapters.

2. To reward dedicated, wonderful people who have already given or will give hundreds of votes to Aethernea and me, regardless of us wining or not winning, top 10 people who gave us the highest number of votes will be rewarded with one month of Aethernea Gold Tier subscription.

3. All people who give us at least one vote will be entered in a lottery. Everyone can get up to 4 entries into the lottery (one entry per nomination category). To get all 4 entries, vote for us once in every category. After the end of the contest, 3 people will be rewarded at random with one month of Aethernea Gold Tier subscription.


Rewards included in one month Gold Tier Subscription:

  • Access to 6 more chapters than what is available on GravityTales for the whole month.
  • Access to premium content available only to Patron supporters such as extra concept art, side stories, etc.
  • Access to “Diary of Alann Farhice”, which is another story set in the world of Halnea, that follows Alann Farhice and his band of misfits in their quest to reach the top of the world. (more info: )
  • Pdf & epub versions of the finished first Aethernea book


Please join hands and vote for Aethernea and me in The Fiction Awards ! Thank you very, very much!

Spam away 😉

P.S. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help. 😉

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Bribed to spam. yay.


Done my spamming for the day, hope you win. =D